New website underconstruction (:

September 22, 2007

Yup, title says it all. Check it out and enjoy – maybe. D:
Remember, it’s underconstruction!

EDIT: It’s most likely a second blog to me, but it’s not game-related. 😛


Just a little song

September 12, 2007

This was entirely done by my friend. No kidding. D: Also, he asked me to send the link to people I know so they can rate him. Please contribute by watching and rating it!

Message for Patrickk <3

August 30, 2007

Claudia was heree 🙂
Allo patrickk 🙂 , humm desolee pour pas pouvoir t’ecrire en anglais la . >< ( my english is veryy poor 😦 soo i’m gonna write in FRENCH :O ) LOL tu vois meme cette phrse fait dure alors 😦 bon bin too badd pour ceux qu’ils vont pas comprendre la , Google Translator ca existe 😛 hahaha soo , caa vaaa monsiieuur? :O t’es en sec 5 maintenant , omfg ca passe vite avoue >< j’me rappelle de toi en secondaire 1 omfg , t’etai tout petit LOL maintenant t’es plsu grand que moii T_T *sigh* J’aurai jamais cru que moi pis toi on s’entenderai aussi bien O: jai tjrs penser qu’on restera connaissance genre XD ms bon tu vois on px pas prevoiir le futur 🙂 oh wais , pis merci pour tout , t’es tjrs la pour arranger les probs & les malentendus avec charles , je te remercii vraimentttt beauucouupp 🙂 pis tu sais quoi ? si il y a de quoi , je suis la .. PIS decourage pas pour ton 536 , YOU CAN DO IT !! 🙂 je sias que t’es capable , tu vois quand tu desesperais dans ton pont en 436 tu l’as reussi 🙂 soo tu pourras faire aussi ton 536 !@ DJAFKLSFDJA 😛 entkk je sais tellement pas trop quoi te diire soo te laissee lahh KIKI FOOH LIFEE 020607*

10,000 hits!

August 21, 2007

Thanks to all my blog viewers. (: I never knew my blog would hit the 10k’s.
I’m not deleting this blog, it holds many memories right? (:
Hope you had a great summer!
Back to school in one week…

Suggestions please

July 13, 2007

Besides MS, what kind of stuffs do you think I could post on my blog? I feel like keeping my blog alive, really. :X
Although I play gMS a bit, there’s nothing much interesting to let you guys know about. Maybe something will come soon…

I hate summer school.
This is hell.
But I don’t feel tortured at all.
Am I really a human being?

Official JMS Retirement

June 28, 2007

This doesn’t only concern me, as many of you guys are also affected by the IP ban on JMS. This is really a tragic incident, as I’m going to lose lots of friends I have made there… God, this sucks. Honestly, I wasn’t waiting for this day to come at all. I haven’t been such a dick to the Japanese community so those people would complain about us. It’s still their game though, not ours.

My friend offered to take over my account and I think I should let him, since having WAY less friends in JMS is boring. Even new friends can’t replace you guys.

I am conscious many of you have moved to GMS. I wish you the best of the luck. Starting over a fresh new account, right? 😛 Or like reactivating your old GMS account? Whatever you’re going to do, have fun playing with friends.

Today is my official JMS retirement. Lag kills me and even though I can find a way to counter that lag, I just can’t keep playing the game without many JMSers like you. To those who are still staying on JMS, have fun too! I’ll miss everyone… unless you know my e-mail adress. 😀

Please don’t ask me for items, it is my decision what to do with them.

Goodbye, Japanese MapleStory, as of Aug. 05~Jun. 07
Am I taking this too seriously? D: I don’t think so, I have nothing much better to do at this moment.

Oldest saved JMS screenshot (October 28, 2005):

Free Image Hosting at

Yeah, I’m officially OFFICIALLY done with jMS.

Ahoy IP Ban~

June 27, 2007

Owned super hard. ):